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About #WhoWeAreLosing

I created the hashtag #WhoWeAreLosing in hopes of generating a groundswell of recognition for the people we are losing to dementia. Read on to learn how to join me in this effort.  

A loved one with dementia becomes increasingly invisible in the world as their disease progresses. They are no longer physically present on our daily rounds to the grocery store or the gym or the coffee shop, and only fleetingly mentioned in conversations.

“How’s your husband?” 
“He is happy. His decline continues.” 
“I’m sorry. That’s so sad.”

When we are dealing with the day-to-day of caring for our loved one, it is easy to forget just how vibrant and alive they once were. 

Writing the stories for this blog has reminded me of all the ways that my husband, Robert, brought joy to our lives. He made us a family. Remembering his contributions relieves some of the frustrations I feel day to day, and it is a constant reminder to treat him with love and kindness. 

In an effort to remember who our loved ones were before they were diagnosed with dementia, I started the campaign #WhoWeAreLosing. My hope is for this hashtag to be a place where we can collect stories of happy memories, and take a moment to acknowledge the beautiful humans that existed before dementia.

I encourage you to talk about the one you are losing. Share their name. Share their stories and yours. And please, use #WhoWeAreLosing on your social media posts, so others can share in the joy of your person!

Let’s make our invisible loved ones, visible again.